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Let's make you the money you need to create

your dream life:

💰Prepare a plan and proposal for a raise 

💰Read Profit First & anything Dave Ramsey

💰Check your bank account to see what extra spending you can cut down or eliminate 

💰Negotiate your bill amount and/or when it is due

💰Figure out an actual dollar amount you need for exactly what you want 

💰Become a Virtual Assistant 

💰Drive for Uber or Lyft 

💰Work for VIP Kids or Stitch Fix

💰Deliver groceries or food from restaurants 

💰Babysit with Cassie's Cardinals 

💰Create and online course 

💰Start a Youtube Channel or Blog and build a following to monetize 

💰Ask businesses you believe in if you can promote them in exchange for something 

💰Become an affilifate for a person or company you believe in and receive a comission from what you sell 

💰Share your story and knowledge and get paid to speak